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December 15, 2018

Printing Alloy 910 from

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For my first experimental print the nozzle temperature was 250C. That appeared to be the right temperature for printing, but a bit too high for the hotend. It looked like decreasing the temperature a little was possible. The further experiments proved that printing it at 245C works perfectly fine.

The bed was at 60C and covered by PVA. The attempts to print on clean glass at 75C and 90C were not successful.

The filament behavior appears to be similar to PLA. There’s leaking and fan is likely to be needed for printing small details. In the print pictured below the fan was always on at 30% (mostly because I was hoping it will help to keep the upper part of the hotend from overheating).


After making a few more prints the conclusion is that 50mm/s is too fast for this filament and my Makergear hotends. There was obvious insufficient extrusion of the filament in the infillĀ  printed at 50mm/s regardless of fan being turned on or off and regardless of the printing temperature being increased or decreased 5C. Printing everything at the constant speed of 30mm/s immediately improved the results.

The print on the left picture is done at 50mm/s infill, the right at 30mm/s.

20181216_225311 20181216_232040

December 2, 2018

Printing T-glase clear filament

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The material prints nicely. It flows and leaves strings like PLA though (perhaps increasing retraction a bit will help).

I used the same slicer settings as for their ( Nvent filament (didn’t play with any settings to make it more transparent). The extruder was at 245C although I think it could be at a bit lower (240-243 C) temperature to help with stringing. The bed was at 75. For small objects (20 x 20 x 10 mm calibration piece) it worked fine with Elmer’s glue, but the large pieces didn’t stick well enough till printed on the clear glass. I had no troubles removing those large pieces after cooling down (they pretty much got loose on their own).

t-glase-printing 20181202_011456

P.S. I forgot to note what was the fan setting and cannot remember it now (I think I kept it off).

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