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December 2, 2018

Printing T-glase clear filament

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The material prints nicely. It flows and leaves strings like PLA though (perhaps increasing retraction a bit will help).

I used the same slicer settings as for their ( Nvent filament (didn’t play with any settings to make it more transparent). The extruder was at 245C although I think it could be at a bit lower (240-243 C) temperature to help with stringing. The bed was at 75. For small objects (20 x 20 x 10 mm calibration piece) it worked fine with Elmer’s glue, but the large pieces didn’t stick well enough till printed on the clear glass. I had no troubles removing those large pieces after cooling down (they pretty much got loose on their own).

t-glase-printing 20181202_011456

P.S. I forgot to note what was the fan setting and cannot remember it now (I think I kept it off).

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